Sue Moon:

I am privileged to be the Manager of Stepping Stones. I had two children of my own, and founded Stepping Stones in 1991, when my over possessive 3 year old son decided that he didn’t want to leave his mum at playschool, so together (and with a little bit of help from Mrs. O’Connor, the head mistress at the time) we started the group Stepping Stones, at the infant school where his older sister was quite happily being a grown up school girl.


What I enjoy most of all at Stepping Stones is………….Although most of my work is now of the paper variety, I still love being part of the Stepping Stones family, though more like a granny now! I enjoy seeing the children develop in all areas, the love that they give and the happiness we share. I am especially proud when previous members of Stepping Stones say hello, even the great big teenagers at secondary school, this makes all the grey hairs worthwhile; and these days some of our former members are even bringing their own children to Stepping Stones, which makes me think that I am just that little bit older than I think I am!

Jana Cowan-Dickie:

I am the deputy manager/ manager on site, and have worked at Stepping Stones since October 2000: during this period I have completed a BA Honours Degree in Professional Practice and gained Early Years Teacher Status and a Level 3 SENCo award. I have two children of my own who have both attended Stepping Stones and I enjoy coming to work each day.

What I enjoy most of all at Stepping Stones is………….that we are like one big family. New children are welcomed by all and you really see the difference in what they can achieve by the time they graduate to big school. I also enjoy seeing some of the older children returning to breakfast club before the preschool begins each day.


Ali Dodd:

I joined Stepping Stones in September 2002, as I needed a pre-school with an excellent reputation so that I could complete my Early Years training, and I have been employed here ever since. My cat Blue (see photo) likes to join me at work sometimes too!
What I enjoy most of all at Stepping Stones is………my main role, which is making focused observations and assessments of the children; this involves a lot of watching and writing, and is hard work, but worth it when I see the tiny children progress until they join school, after sharing two years of their life with us.

Paula Stanley:

I have worked with children since leaving school, having been a nanny, play session worker, after school/holiday club and nursery assistant. I joined Stepping Stones for the second time in 2011. I have two children and two grandchildren, one who is with us at the moment and one that has just left for big school. I absolutely love my job.


What I enjoy most of all at Stepping Stones is………….knowing that we have an important part in helping the children grow, learn and develop into confident, independent little people.

Becca Semmens:

I joined the Stepping Stones team in November 2020. I was very excited to join, seeing as I attended the Pre-School myself, when I was a little girl. I am a qualified dance teacher, and I also have a daughter who loves to dance.

What I enjoy most of all at Stepping Stones is…………..seeing the progression that the children make during their time at their Pre-School

Michelle Buckley:

I have four children, all of which have attended Stepping Stones, over many years. I have worked here for over ten years, and feel very proud to be a member of staff at Stepping Stones.


What I enjoy most of all at Stepping Stones is………….feeling that each child can be happy here, learning and playing with other children, enjoy their time together.