Syllan Class (Year 3/4) information and news

Mrs Katie Smith

Deputy Head and year 3 / 4 teacher

Welcome to our year 3 / 4 Syllan Class page!

Year 3 4/ is such an exciting time for the children as for some they are starting their journey as a KS2 pupil and for others they are onwards and upwards in their time as juniors. Mrs Smith and Mr Argall currently share working in this brilliant class.

This year Syllan class will be learning about a range of topic themes from rainforests and our restless earth to the ancient Egyptians and Romans. Woven throughout these themes the children will be learning about a range of curriculum subjects including PE, RE, PSHE, French, Music, Art, DT, Science and Computing.

All the children will have the chance to take part in swimming sessions during the autumn term and forest school later on in the year. We were very lucky in the autumn term to have Si Gordan, A music tech specialist, teaching the children all about how to compose music using the iPad app Tabletop.

Useful links for children's learning: 
Check out Mr DeMaio on YouTube for his X-table songs to recent catchy tunes. 
Home learning Expectations

Reading  to an adult 3 – 4 x a week – At Newlyn School we LOVE reading!! Please remember to sign your child’s diary when you hear them read. Reading together is a special time where you can share the imaginative magical journeys that stories can offer. Once you have heard your child read, ask them questions about the text using the VIPERS question stems in the back of their diary.

Spellings – These will be handed out on Fridays and quizzed the following Friday. Please practice them throughout the week as this will make sure the children retain the words rather than just the night before.

 Time Tables – Regular practise of times tables with your children will ensure fluency and quick recall. This is essential in year 4 as the summer term brings a government multiplication check, where the children will have limited time answer quick fire questions. The children should know which times tables to focus on – their I most recent ones are on their target slips handed out at parents meetings.

Here is an album of photos from our visit to the Barbara Hepworth Museum and the Tate St Ives, which had an excellent exhibition detailing how Hepworth's life influenced her art. The children were really amazing and engaged brilliantly with the artworks. They analysed and discussed the art and made observations just as any professional art historian would. Syllan class also produced wonderful pencil sketches of Hepworth's sculptures based outside in the garden of the museum. 
Here is a selection of our Knowledge Organisers that we use to illustrate our learning for each subject. 
SOme more photos of our brilliant Eden Project visit, where we experienced what it is like to be in a real life rainforest! 
Photos of Syllan Class having a great time learning!