Work from Home - Storm Ciaran - 2nd November 2023

Due to Storm Ciaran we know some families are working from home today and have been sent work from your teachers. Here is what has been sent...

Good Morning Porthia Class (YEAR 2),

Please find below some activities for today:

Research a famous pirate and create a fact sheet about them or picture with labels.

Can you write down numbers you would say when counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. Can you count forwards and backwards? Challenge - which numbers do you say in all three of them?

 Are you able to explore your home and find different foods that you see as healthy. Make a list. Can you find any that are not fruit or vegetables?

 Think about Newlyn, what natural (physical) features are around? Thinking about climate, coast and local landmarks.

Can you practice the sea shanty we were learning yesterday and remember the actions? Video to support

 Can you remember what a verb is? Write down a list of examples.

 Any questions please pop me a message on Seesaw, thank you.

 Miss Pawlyn



Hello Syllan Class (Year 3/4)

Hope you’re all staying safe today.
Today’s weather is actually very appropriate for our Extreme Earth topic! If you are at home today, here are some ideas for learning activities.

I am not expecting you to complete all of them, they are more like a menu for you to choose from.

I have put an assignment on seesaw, if you click respond you can upload a photo of your work or type/voice record/draw directly into it.

1. Can you make a weather warning poster about the storm? This should include information about the storm, what storms are, and how people can stay safe in extreme weather.

2. Can you write a newspaper report about the storm? You could look at news and weather sites to collect information about the impact of the storm on Cornwall and report on what is happening. You could even design your own newspaper to present your work.
3. Can you make a video pretending to be a newsreader? Tell us all about the storm and what is going on! 4. Can you write a poem about the weather? Maybe you could explain to your grown ups what metaphors, similes, personification and onomatopoeia are! Think about which adjectives would describe this weather well.
5. Can you make a piece of stormy art? If you have any paints or drawing materials at home, have a go at creating storm art! Think about which mediums and techniques you could use to reflect the stormy weather.
6. Have a look at this piece of music. Can you compose your own music about a storm? You could use an instrument if you have one, or things like cups and wooden spoons.
7. Can you make your own storm? Have a look at this experiment If you have the materials you could have a go, and video or describe what happens!


Miss Allam

Syllan Class Teacher

Newlyn School 

Good Morning Senara, (Foundation Class)


We hope the wind didn't keep you up at night and that you all had some rest.

Today we'd love you to become a weather reporter. Can you draw a picture or write about storm Ciaran?

This week we have been thinking about Halloween celebrations. Can you explore how Halloween is celebrated around the world? We can't wait to see what you have found out.

After lunch why don't you get your body moving with a little Cosmic Yoga.

Ruby Broom