The Impact of our work:


We always have faith in the child’s ability to succeed. By not always providing answers or outcomes, we enable the children to solve and extend for themselves to gain confidence, self esteem and a sense of achievement. We provide activities that can be extended (or adapted) to the needs and development of the child(ren). By building positive bonds and making good role models, children are happy to seek support if required. We give them the resources to develop their own ideas, make plans and decisions of how and what they want to achieve and opportunities to change strategies to reach success. We observe, listen, note and provide support if and when required, and ask leading questions, giving time for a child to think and reply, allowing a sense of power, acceptance and self belief, and a basis for their creativity to flow.

Staff begin each day with a fresh and motivated approach, providing a positive role model to encourage each child to become enthusiastic, take part in activities and enjoy learning, so that progress becomes a natural part of learning and development.

SEF 2021