Senara Class (Foundation) information and news



 Miss Tonkin, Mrs Buckingham and Mrs Davey are delighted to give a warm welcome to Foundation class.  This year is such an exciting time as your child starts their learning journey in school.

We understand the importance of creating a broad and engaging curriculum that is based on the interests of your child to help encourage a love of learning.

In Foundation we aim to provide all children with a wealth of enjoyable, meaningful learning experiences that will allow every child to flourish and grow. We are very lucky to have a spacious classroom with access to an extensive outdoor area to explore. 

Through continuous provision, adult-initiated activities and with the support of the staff within the department the children explore, discover ideas, develop concepts and skills to become independent learners and amazing problem solvers.

Our top priority is for the children to be happy and have a positive learning experience where they feel nurtured and supported.


We Love Reading
For more information on how we teach and support your child's reading journey at school please click on the 'Phonics' tab which can be found in 'Information for Parents'.
Art at Newlyn
Each term we have a focus artist to explore. This term our focus artist is Giuseppe Arcimboldo.
Toothbrush Club
We will be learning about our Oral Health with the support of Brighter Smiles. Everyday we brush our teeth for two minutes to keep them healthy and clean.
You can find more information on the Brighter Smiles Oral Health Campaign here:
We loved watching the Hey Dougie Toothbrush Song when we were learning how to clean our teeth.
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Useful Websites
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Number songs...
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