Trauma Informed School

At Newlyn School we are passionate about improving learning, mental health and quality of life for our children. 
 ‘Rising numbers of children are presenting with mental health difficulties in schools and current teaching environments are struggling to keep up. Many children have a high ACE score (meaning multiple adverse childhood experiences) known to leave children at risk of mental and physical ill-health later in life and even early death' (The ACE study Felitti and Anda, a study involving over 17,000 people).
With the cuts in CAMHS and with over 1 million children in the UK with a mental health problem, schools need to do what they can to support these children.
We have invested in whole school training so that all our staff understand what it means to be a Trauma Informed School. We have also invested in training some staff who work as TIS practitioners, running groups and offering 1:1 support where necessary, supported by the class teachers. We have resourced a TIS room so that the children have somewhere quiet to go when they need it. We are entirely committed to supporting our children so that they thrive and become the young adults we know they can be.
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