School clubs

At Newlyn School we offer a variety of after school clubs including High Five, Rugby, Cooking, Needle Craft, Dance and much more!
Cycling Club - Week 4
A lovely ride for the cycle club today - 10 miles with quite a big hill in the middle. Well done all.
First week at surf club was fantastic.
Cycle club week 3: Well done to all, we made it to The Station House and back, a total of 7 miles. All participants are getting stronger. Now to plan next week's route! Best club ever! 
Cycle Club week 2 - well done to this fab bunch who cycled 5.70 miles this week.  On only the second week,  we saw much improvement. 
As we ride further and the weather warms up, the children really need a water bottle; they need to be able to carry this themselves in a lightweight rucksack or in a bike bottle holder - maybe a small snack too!
2.5.19 Week 1 of the cycle club.  The children were all great.  We cycled along the prom,  across The bridge and through Wharfside carpark and a little onto the cycle path.  Then we stopped for a photograph before turning around and heading back to school.  3.6 miles this week.  Well done to all.