Curriculum overview

Our curriculum

At Newlyn, our aim is to provide a child-centred learning experience, engaging children with a rich and creative curriculum and ensuring our children have the key academic skills they will need to succeed in the future.

We have embraced a project approach to teaching and learning, engaging our children and instilling a love of learning. In each classroom we have an area we use to fully engage our children. 

Children are given challenges and they then apply their skills and make choices to solve the problems. Children work together to solve real world problems which are relevant and engaging. These challenges develop knowledge, understanding, problem solving and collaborative skills.

The final outcome of a project, which might be a product, a performance, or a service, e.g. giving a lesson to younger students, creates a focus for the project that gives it a feeling of purpose.

Outdoor learning

At Newlyn, we believe that children need to have a connection with their local area and nature. Staff plan learning opportunities within their projects to get children outside in our wonderful school grounds as well as our local environment, around Cornwall and beyond.