Stone Age Exhibition

8th December 2015

Class 3 held their end of project lunch and public exhibition today. Parents were invited to sample a Stone Age themed lunch served up by our award winning Mrs Bellamy. On the menu was wild boar sausages, a root vegetable dish and, for the brave, a sprinkling of larvae. Dessert was a type of flapjack that included wild berries and seeds. Everyone had a lot of praise for the lunch and enjoyed the whole experience.
Our 'How Would I Survive In THe Stone Age?' exhibition was held at the Coach House in Penlee Park. The public, staff from the museum and parents were all invited. Children acted as guides to show the visitors. Many commented on the depth of knowledge that the children were able to give. It was a huge success with more people visiting than we could have hoped.
A big thank you to the staff of Penlee House Museum who allowed us to have the space for the exhibition.