Master Chefs with Sanjay

31st August 2015

The highlight for Kaea, Kiera and Emily for this Bank Holiday was to cook with top chef, Sanjay, at the Newlyn Fish Festival. Their display, in front of an eager crowd, was the first of the kitchen's demonstrations. Comparing was Annie from 'My Fish Kitchen' and watching was Duncan Warren from Radio Cornwall. The children demonstrated how to make fish finger sandwiches using types of fish that are usually discarded by fishermen. Kaea was the chief bread crumber of the fish strips, while Emily and Kiera prepared the bread with washed salad, humus and red pesto sauce. The enthusiastic crowd were literally fighting to sample their delicacies.
A big thank you to Sanjay, who we will see soon later in September when the children cook the recipe for the rest of the school.