Mrs Muller's Special Myanmar Assembly

30th January 2015

Mrs Muller gave a special assembly to tell the children about her time teaching in Myanmar. She is hoping that the school council might want to raise some money towards helping those children that she taught.

In October 2013, I spent a month volunteering at a pre-school in Myanmar, formally known as Burma. My partner, Jordan and I, were invited to stay with the head teacher and her family in the city of Yangon to help teach the 50 children that went to her school. The children, aged between 2 and 5, came from very poor backgrounds; during my time there I visited many of their homes which were small wooden shacks which were often flooded. There are 50 children that attend the school and most of their parents cannot afford to pay. Khaing Zar can afford to support seven families at any one time and so rotates the children each month, these children don’t pay any school fees and receive a free school meal, which is invaluable as most of the children’s families struggle to afford food. The children are thriving at the school and have a great advantage from attending although Khaing Zar is struggling to support the school on her own and is constantly juggling the costs of running the school and trying to support the families. My time at Green Island School was one of the most amazing, yet eye-opening experiences of my life and I can’t just forget about the children there and their families.  I have shared my experiences with the children at Newlyn School and together we are going to hold some fundraising events to help the children in Myanmar.  ​