Eat Fish Promotion

21st March 2016

Class 3 launched their eating fish promotion in the centre Newlyn.
Throughout our topic, we decided that people didn't eat enough fish because they didn't know how to cook it or lacked recipe ideas. Our grand finale to our project was to determined to give the public the chance to taste a selection of fish recipes and give them a larger set of ideas to cook fish.
We had a wonderful sunny afternoon to promote eating fish. A marquee was put up for us by Keith from the Fishermen'a Mission, in the centre of Newlyn, and Sanjay came along to assist the children in preparing the three fish recipes we had been working on. They made Mackerel Wrap, Crab Boats and Newlyn Fish Chowder. The public, whether locals or holiday makers, loved tasting these treats and took away with them some great fish recipes to try themselves. 
Matt Slater from the Cornwall Wildlife Trust came along to support the children and helped them promote information about making good seafood choices.
The children demonstrated what great ambassadors they can be for the school and the community. They worked well as a team, spoke confidently and politelyto the public. And they all enjoyed the experience too.
A big thank you to Elaine from Stevensons Fish Shop for supplying all the fish for no charge, Sanjay for supporting the children and giving us his experience, Keith for supplying the marquee, Matt Slater for coming to support the children and all the parents and members of public who came along to try some of our delicious fish recipes.