Porthpean Campers are back

9th June 2017
We are back after a FANTASTIC time at Porthpean camp. Not only was there a lot of fun had by all, but a lot of children made huge personal strides. Many parents may notice that their children have come back slightly older, or wiser, or just full of super stories.
The weather was very mixed. On our first day we managed to have a picnic on the beach and build sandcastles. It was a beautiful sunny morning. By the time we had made it back to camp, the wind and showers had moved in. We didn't get too wet. It didn't stop us from climbing on the high ropes. Most children, and a few staff, were able to take the leap of faith, from over 30 feet up. Daisy and Blake were two of the children who managed to get to the top of the wobbly ropes. After tea, we went into the hall to take part in the show 'Mr Wacky'.
That first night was cold, wet and windy. The children mostly stayed up chatting till very late. Then the children, mostly, awoke before dawn had broke to the persistent rain. The ground was turning to mud in the camp and the children stayed in their tents till after breakfast. The rest of the day was spent in wetsuits either in kayaks, canoes or coasteering. It was fantastic. There were several very worried children and a few tears before we set off, but every child took a full part and many ghosts or dreads were put to rest. By the afternoon the sun was out and we had such a great time. The only sad thing was that we had to stop. The evening was spent orienteering. The children were taught how to follow maps. We walked for miles. Several did not appreciate all the walking, but it tired them so that they all slept like babies when we got back to our village.
The children had to be awoken on our last morning, so that we could tidy our camp and get to breakfast on time. The morning was spent on the archery range and on indoor climbing walls.
We took a lot more photographs than it was possible to upload, so if you would like a copy of all of them, please supply Mr Moore with a labelled memory stick. Labelled so that I remember who to return them to.
Many thanks to all staff at camp for making our trip such great fun.