Curriculum overview

Our curriculum

We have embraced the principles of Immersive project based learning at Newlyn, providing a creative, inclusive and challenging curriculum which inspires and motivates children and supports high quality learning.

Starting from the child

We start planning projects from the interests our children and then design learning opportunities that are relevant and engaging and have real world outcomes. Teachers then plan the outcomes ensuring they always start with the children at the heart of the planning and then what will excite and motivate children in class.

Immersive classrooms

Our classrooms are created each term to enable children to be fully immersed in their project. You will not see rows of tables in our classes but might find different comfortable seating, cosy areas, a shipwreck, woodland or even Rose Cottage, a 1940’s home.

Real Projects

With REAL projects children develop skills and knowledge through work focused on answering an essential question. The projects must be ‘Rigorous’, be shared with ‘Authentic’ audiences, ‘Engaging’ and the children must ‘Learn’ throughout.

Challenge based learning

Children are given challenges and they then apply their skills and make choices to solve the problems. Children work together to solve real world problems which are relevant and engaging. These challenges develop knowledge, understanding, problem solving and collaborative skills.

Peer critique

Children are encouraged to produce work of the highest possible quality. Children learn to reflect on their work and to offer ‘warm feedback’ and ‘suggestions’ for improvement to their peers. Children are asked to follow three main rules when completing critique sessions; be kind, be helpful and be specific. The children are enthusiastic about making their work the best that it can be and often redraft work several times.

Outdoor learning

At Newlyn we believe that children need to have a connection with their local area and nature. Staff plan learning opportunities within their projects to get children outside in wonderful school grounds as well as our local environment and around Cornwall.