Parents' Afternoon in Class 3

29th November 2018

This Thursday afternoon Year 3 opened the classroom doors to welcome their adults, and show off the learning so far in their Stone Age project.  The children made sure that everyone felt welcome and comfortable by putting out chairs and handing out biscuits.  What lovely manners! 

This week the children have put in a lot of effort to create their own small group presentations which showcased beautifully their learning about the Stone Age.  The children took it in turns to share some of their knowledge and everyone was impressed with how much the children had learned and how well they spoke out.  Well done Year 3, you have made everyone proud.

Following the presentation , we had plenty of time to look at the books, the art and pottery from around the class.

I think everyone had a nice afternoon, and it was lovely to see such a good turn-out.  The children were over the moon.  Thank you to everyone that has supported Class 3 this term.  Roll on Christmas!!