Class 3 Go To Trevaylor Woods

20th June 2019

Yesterday, Year 3 had a wonderful trip to Trevaylor Woods to be inspired by the setting and create some beautiful impressionistic art.  The afternoon started with a walk into the woods, crossing the rivers and navigating the maze of paths leading to the open areas.  We chose one of the open spaces for our base and settled down for our picnic in the woods. This was followed by fun on the tree swings and exploring the natural climbing frames in the area.  The whole time we were there, the children were impeccably behaved and a credit to Newlyn School.  After lunch, the children settled down and chose a view from which they created their paintings.  The woods truly are a source of inspiration; there is beauty everywhere you look and the children had no trouble settling down and becoming engrossed in creating their artwork.  They used viewfinders to help focus their pictures, and practiced skills we have be learning in the classroom through studying the words of Claude Monet.   It was a joy to see the smiling faces of all the children for the whole afternoon, I know that many would love to return there again.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Leah, Miss Care, Mo, Kate, Laura and Mel, that were such good company and made the day possible.