Back From Porthpean Camp

17th June 2015

The children all returned safely from a fun packed Porthpean Camp today. The weather had been favourable and helped to make the whole experience even more enjoyable.
When we arrived at camp on the Monday morning we were introduced to our camp leader, Charlotte, and village B. This was going to be our base for the next two nights. The children were put into groups and given tents to put their bags and clothes into. As the sun was shining, we thought it would be great to eat our packed lunches on the beach and while we still had a bit of time before our first activity we decided to have a sand castle building competition.
On the first afternoon, we were to go on the 'high ropes'. The children were kitted out with harnesses and helmets to take part in the different activities safely. The 'leap of faith' tested everyone's bravery. It consisted of climbing a high ladder, then walking along a narrow plank and jumping off. Just stepping onto the plank at such a height was difficult. The 'zip wire' was great too, but this was also from a ladder climb. The 'Jacob's ladder' activity was taken on by groups of three. This was a climbing task whereby teams had to help each other, including the rest of the children who had to hold the safety ropes that prevented the climbers from falling.
Our first evening was spent with another school doing sporting activities. Lots of the children made new friends.
Then it was biscuits, cakes and drinking chocolate before getting ready for bed.
Tuesday was our sea day. The weather helped to make this a perfect day as the sun kept us warm, the sea was calm and there was only a light breeze. The children had a choice between coasteering, canoeing and kyaking. In the morning a large group of us went coasteering. we were taken off the beach by a speed boat and dropped off some way around the bay. We were told that this would involve swimming, jumping off rocks, more swimming and jumping off even higher rocks. It was all that and so much more. We even had a seal come up to say hello to us. The kyakers and canoeists rowed around the bay to discover secluded coves and explored sea caves; all the time splashing others and racing. It was a fantastic day!We were entertained by the circus skills workshop in the evening. Mr Showers demonstrated all his circus equipment to begin with, showing the children what they eventually could do with practise. Then the children were given free range over all his gear to try the different skills they had seen before.
Our Wednesday activities consisted of archery and wall climbing. It seems we have a few Robin Hoods and a few Edmond Hillarys in the making.
Exhausted from our three days and two nights away we returned by coach. All the children had a great time and made us proud through their sense of bravery; rising to each new challenge, and by their impeccable behaviour.
A big THANK YOU to all the staff at Porthpean Camp who helped to look after us and made our time such a wonderful one.